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tv   [untitled]    April 28, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. thank you our first item of board minutes may i hear a motion please. thank you are there any corrections? seeing none please call roll >> (calling roll). >> all right. item b the superintendents report that you
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thank you members of communicate i'm very pleased this evening i'm pleased to mention that two schools were recently named california distinguished schools. i want to give congratulations a presidio for this amazing school districts scald. this recollection is given to schools that have a strong commitment to innovative achievements. i want to give you a shout out that 3 thousand 12th graders
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were at four sites preparing for their transition to college. we want to thank the university of san francisco and especially our good friends and colleagues students heard about house to one half implicate they're first year of colleges. many were brought through the ma circulation and all of the students got lunches in our student nutritious departments got there safely and got plenty
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of water. a huge thanks to all of our school site staff and to the staff for making those benefits. and now we're going to have two forums that will take place this may on may 2nd focused on the budget basics how budget works and how it looks for next year. on may 16th we'll address the state and local funding and what you can do it have the funding. they'll be here at 555 franklin student. we want to invite all of our
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folks to join. this will be posted on our website as well >> thank you, mr. superintendent. item c mr. supervisor. >> thank you president norton we have two commend and we have a lady who will present this award and read a short description to one our our distinguish
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distinguished. >> good evening it gives me great privilege to be able to honor our custodian he's known as mr. phillip. he's the custodian every year he is 0 our go to person and our ambassador one of the consequences is to do community services in which our students are ask the to clean up united states school yard by the way, there's simply no garbage in our yards. he is hardworking, dictated, kind, friendly, caringable,
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organized and simply awesome. i have to condense this to the top 10 list. we appreciate when mr. phillip responds in a split second who called on the walkie-talkie. when we sets upor long tables everyday he never complains. when mr. phillip puts all the lost and found items especially those hard items neatly for all to retrieve. when mr. phillip fixes the things that don't work. when mr. phillip greets people with sir, and ma'am, and he
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greets everyone everyday with some such a pleasant demeanor we appreciate him and ii appreciate his work ethics. he approaches his work with pride and patience. he never get upset and most of all we appreciate his actions that he truly loves his school community so on behalf of all us we love you, mr. phillip. thank you. (clapping) >> thank you congratulations would you like to say a few
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words? get a picture >> say thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> take our picture. >> oh. okay. >> look he's wearing his uniform today. >> thank you congratulations. thank you. thank you. >> i'd like to recognize a special service award to elizabeth torres is our wonderful principle at the high
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school. >> good evening and members of the board of education. i'm here to present this to liz torres. i think one of most important things you can do is identify the wonderful folks you, you have. she's remarkable symin so many ways. liz works close with our school including pta as has brought many programs to our school. we're lingually and diverse she
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takes groups of people that may not understand the words they're saying and she promotes togetherness. our staff decided to enhance or so those are services just having her for four hours a day is not enough we need more liz. some of the services bringing our community together with food and she participants in our care team. she's one of the most dpiement employees i'm really proud and honored to give to you liz and
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superintendant thank you liz for everything you do on behalf of our community. >> thank you, very much. thank you >> okay jeremy i'll give you our 20 bucks later. thank you so much i can't do this job on my own. it's all about my supervisor here and without jeremy being there to listen to me when there's, you know, issues i have to resolve he's been a mentor and a guide through those whole seven years. i want you to let you know without the teachers and parents. there is no, i in team well,
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we're all about a team. and before i go on i - i'm remembering something that my college professor said in my speech class stand up speak up and shut up. now i'll graciously say shut up. >> thank you, ms. torres. president be board of commissioners we're got folks here that are being awarded a special ward. those california administrators
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association will have their awards presented them to at an award subtraction an april 29th and one of our students will be honored for their achievement in public organization. we'd like to okay. one by one and start with our principle ms. erica. invite her to say a few words >> so i'm going to listen to the 3 ss and make this short.
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i want to thank you all. i'm very he humbled to receive this award. everyone constantly channels me by bringing me fun and interesting challenges daily. i don't know if it's - you have a good woman has a good man and he's a wonderful husband who's at the giants game tonight working, working, working. i want to thank him together and say you can't believe what happened to 80 today. but i also want to thank all the superintendents to work under and to lead and guide me arrest each day is fun and interesting
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for the students. i do it for the students making sure they're meeting the mark and go eagles. (clapping). >> thank you we'd like to recognize this evening one of our principles she is a principle of sunset elementary school our own sophie lee congratulations. and a thank you superintendent and commissioners for this great honor. this award also belongs to my
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teachers and staff community. i see some here thank you for being here. and our wonderful students. i've been with the school district for 40 years and i've worked with over 7 thousand students and every one of them has made a contribution to my career. i grew up in a chinese town and my parents encouraged me to seek out a professional career. last month i received my contract renewal and signed up for another 3 years what was i thinking i still look forward to
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coming to work every day. my husband and two sons will have to continue to share me with the community. thank you. i'm honored to receive this award. i'm proud to work in the field of education i share this with the parents and teachers who make a difference in our children's lives so thank you very much. >> we would never think of a classroom without a teacher and somebody who anyway's that they have a highly qualified teacher is the next person honored and she is our director of resources
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angie. >> good evening superintendent and wanting norton and board members. many times people say they're so far removed from the schools they don't care we care so much here because i'm blessed every morning when i get up i'm happy that i'm come to work at the san francisco unified school district it doesn't mean i'm happy everyday but i'm glad to be here because i care about the students the employees, the community, the city i care about
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it all and it still makes me happy. i have my friend gloria here who's my right arm. i'm honored and humbled and i'm leaving you something when i go away i'm going to leave my daughter so i believe in the cause. i'm here for real and i thank you so much for the privilege of getting up every morning and working in the very best district in the best city. >> thank you angie that's what i'm talking about. it's not always that the student
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is honored but this student is the best student. this gentleman absolutely controlled the crowd and was so articulate and unflapable i'm thrilled here's the young man. the purpose of this award is to honor students who have succeed above all odds and he fits the description here's mr. williams.
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please come down. >> hi everybody thank you for having me tonight, i'm pretty nervous but i'm going to tell you about myself and my disability. i'm mr. williams i'm an incredible surprising artist and leader to others. i'm currently a member of the committee and volunteer at the jewish museum i like to write stories and the japanese culture. because of my disability you able to socialize would anyone.
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this program changed my life. i thought it was going to be like high school but it was really a social program 18 to 20 years old who are training to be more independent. when i joined i wasn't a social person but as the years passed i went out into the community and applied for a job. the arts changed my life it helped me to become more expressive in my feelings and art has become my biggest interests because it brings more creativity to the world and help people with their imagination.
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one of the influence i worry about heidi was here and ben. my leadership influence they have on me is my positive attitude and my hard work. because of this they helped me find a job. i'm an example with a person with disabilities await giving up and isn't afraid of making a mistake and i want to say i just want to say if you keep on trying and trying no matter how hard it is anything it possible and i just want to say i'm really glad that i - i'm glad that i have a disability because
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without it i don't know what i'd do so - . thank you. so thank you all for having me and i'm really, really i'm repel touched by this thank you so
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much. >> and before everyone leaves it only gets better. i know it's hard to top but - >> it's unfortunate the san francisco lines educators the or california are stuck in traffic on the bridge. are they going to be here later?
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well next time we send our good wishes to them and thank you ladies. okay. so as you leave the room if you can do so quietly we're going to resume the item. now we have the student report >> the end of the year has snuck up on us and we elected the delegates and we're proud to nouns that the high school will serve until the scc holds their elections in the fall. and we believe she will be ready for this position. along with the interim the
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student delegates will join us there were 7 candidates and nearly all schools have cast their ballots. we should know the results of election by the second week of may. and there will be several new members and we will introduce them at the may 14th meeting pr we're proud to announce we are happy to have students and teacher evaluations we're eager to work in the next school year. >> thank you. item e we have the parents
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advisory council report and i see our past representative. >> hello, i'm ms. martin and i'm actually going to start tonight and talk about membership too. we're in the recruiting time of year and there's 4 positions open for the pack next year. you don't need to be a fluent english speaker we try to have a board representation of folks and it's a good way to learn about any different parents prospective's that were if you're interested going to pa c
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as sf d c or call the office and our deadline for application is may 3rd and those are available on line in english, spanish and chinese. hopefully, we'll get some interested candidates for next year and we'll have a new crop of pack members. on to other tops our past meeting this past month we had an opportunity to meet with raymond martinez and we actually have inundated him with a lot of questions. this office has been around for a few years now and we were interested in what kind of data was